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Fried Egg Menu [PDF]

SANDWICHES are served on toasted sourdough bread from Portland French Bakery. EGGS are cooked over-medium and sprinkled with our special spice blend called MAGIC EGG DUST.

Yolko Ono
Our signature dish. Fried egg, homemade pesto, parmesan, and a hand-pressed house sausage patty. 7

Yolko Zeppelin
Same as Yolko Ono, but with double egg, double sausage. Imagine… a double fantasy.

Egg Zeppelin
Two eggs, two homemade sausage patties, two slices of tillamook cheddar, and aardvark aioli*. Mr. Plant would say it is a whole lotta love.

Smells Like Protein Spirit
Fried egg, tillamook, and your choice: homemade sausage, bacon, ham, or sortasausage (V/GF)**. 5.75

Back in Black Bean (V)
Black beans simmered with veggies and spices; served with a fried egg, avocado, and green onion. Also available as a bowl.


Sriracha Mix-A-Lot
Fried egg, seared ham, fresh avocado, tomato, havarti cheese, and sriracha. Jump on it.

Free-Range Against the Machine
Fried egg, avocado, tomato, and havarti.

Huevo Mutilation
Fried egg, seared ham, carmelized onions, tillamook cheddar, and our aardvark aioli.

‘Rito Suave (V)
Burrito with two scrambled eggs, your choice protein (sausage, bacon, ham, or sortasausage), tillamook cheese, avocado, and zesty cart pico. Available VEGAN, ask us how!

Built to Spill
It’s just bread, egg, and cheese; or customize to your liking by choosing from the extras below. 4.5

udi’s GF bread 1
sausage, bacon, ham 2.5
sortasausage (V/GF)** 2.5
egg .75
avocado 1
aardvark aioli 1
carmelized onion .75
tomato .50


DRINKS (21+)
3 (sm) 5 (lg)

rainier or PBR tall boy 3
rotating IPA 4.5
rotating cider 4.5
omission beer (GF) 4.5

sangriaciata 4
Our take on sangria. Invented after a hot afternoon in the cart. A refreshing red wine and aranciata drink served on ice and garnished with lime and orange.

stumptown coffee 2.5
cold brew coffee 4
cold brew w/ milk 5

bottled water 1
diet coke 1
mexican coke 2
san pellegrino 2
apple juice 2.5
honest ade 3